More about Dalkia

Dalkia provides innovative solutions to support the sustainable growth of cities and businesses. We are a global leader in energy services.

Dalkia and its activities

In an era of climate change, volatile energy prices and scarce resources, Dalkia offers its clients proven expertise in developing, constructing and operating greener and more economical energy systems.

Our business: producing energy efficiency
From decentralized production to demand-side management and optimized distribution, we are involved in every step of the energy chain, with one goal: improve energy performance.

Our commitments: building on our experience in operating cooling and heating networks, optimizing industrial utilities, upgrading the energy performance of buildings and developing alternative and renewable energies. In more than 27 countries, we offer our customers made-to-order solutions to lower their energy use and improve the environmental and economic performance of their facilities.

Dalkia in 2013

  • €8.38 billion managed revenue in 2013
  • 42,980 employees in 27 countries
  • A global leader in energy services

163,000 facilities worldwide

  • 4,300 industrial facilities
  • 24,300 educational, cultural, leisure and sports facilities
  • 5,700 healthcare establishments with 400,000 beds
  • 4.5 million housing units managed  

Managing energy effectively

From design and engineering to energy procurement and facility operation and maintenance, all of our services are performed with a focus on sustainable development.
Our goal is to leverage local resources and minimize each facility's impact on the environment, while reducing both fossil fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.