Poitiers University Hospital joins the Greater Poitiers clean heating network operated by Dalkia

Poitiers University Hospital was recently connected to the Greater Poitiers district heating network operated by Dalkia. With 69% of its energy supply coming from renewable and recovered sources, the network will enable the healthcare facility to pursue its energy transition by avoiding the emission of 2,000 tonnes of CO2.

The heating network for the Greater Poitiers urban community—which Dalkia has managed since 2009—is 69% supplied by local renewable and recovered energy sources from the Poitiers waste-to-energy facility, the Couronneries wood-fired heating plant and the brand new straw-fired heating plant in the Dolmen district. In two years, the network has doubled in size from 15 km to over 30 km, extending to the south-east of the city. Poitiers University Hospital took advantage of this extension to connect to the heating network and benefit from locally sourced clean energy.

The 2,800 kW connection will reduce CO2 emissions from the teaching hospital by 2,000 tonnes, equivalent to taking 1,111 cars off the road each year. Heat was previously generated by several systems using geothermal energy, heat pumps and gas. The new connection provides an alternative to the hospital's fossil fuels and adds 50% to the existing clean energy system.

Poitiers University Hospital has been committed to a virtuous policy of energy savings for many years and was the first teaching hospital in mainland France to be certified in terms of energy performance under ISO 50001…

Frédéric Marchai,

director of buildings and assets at Poitiers University Hospital

We are pleased to support Poitiers University Hospital in this new step to reduce its carbon footprint. I would also like to pay tribute to the Greater Poitiers urban community and all local stakeholders enabling the…

Valérie Patron,

Dalkia director for the south-western region

69 %

recovered energy in the network's energy mix

30 km

of network

2,000 t

of CO2 avoided each year for the Poitiers University Hospital

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