How to protect natural resources

Every day, we act to preserve the planet's natural resources and minimize our impact on biodiversity. We promote low-carbon solutions and the circular economy in all our projects.

Protecting biodiversity !

Protecting the climate and aiming for carbon neutrality also means caring about biodiversity. Inspired by the EDF Group's commitment to the preservation of natural resources through the act4nature initiative, we are acting on several levels.

In order to reduce the contribution of our activities to major pressure factors (change in land use, climate change, direct use of certain organisms, etc.), we seek upstream to avoid impacting biodiversity, and when we diagnose impacts, we help preserve or restore the natural environment by avoiding, reducing and compensating for these impacts on natural environments. When we use biomass, for example, we give preference to secondary biomass (residues) or tertiary biomass (waste). We also fight deforestation by using wood from sustainably managed forests and by encouraging tree planting, particularly around the Canal du Midi (France), through our partnership with Voies Navigables de France.

Water conservation

A living planet needs plenty of water!

Domestic hot water (or cold water for air conditioning) flows in our heating and cooling networks. To help preserve water resources, we are developing low-temperature heating networks, with water in a closed loop.

We closely monitor our networks to limit water leaks, thanks to the smart control of our facilities and the use of sensors.

Circularity on the whole chain

To preserve resources, let's reuse what we consume!

Our energy performance solutions are eco-designed and integrate the environmental footprint of a project, throughout its life cycle: building soberly, recovering energy spent and reusing waste, all contribute to the circular economy.

Furthermore, within the EDF Group, we act every day in favor of reuse, recycling and recovery of products (EDF Reutiliz exchange platform, end-of-life clause for equipment, etc.).

A few performance indicators for 2026

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