General Terms and Conditions of Sale

The General Terms and Conditions of Sale or "GTCS" set forth the general terms and conditions governing the relationship between Dalkia and its customers for the delivery of its services, of whatever nature.

Unless otherwise specified, these terms and conditions shall apply to Dalkia's offerings and shall form an integral part of the contracts entered into by Dalkia with its customers, in addition to the negotiated Special Terms and Conditions or "SC".

"The Agreement supersedes all written and verbal agreements prior to its execution, as well as all proposals or offers to contract made by either Party which have not been formally included under the SC or which would be contrary to the GTCS and/or SC."

"By contracting with Dalkia, the Customer acknowledges that it is aware of the Company's social responsibility commitments as stipulated in the Sustainable Development Commitments and the Dalkia Ethics Charter and undertakes to comply with them."

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