Boosting the local energy of the territories

Our impact on the regions is often positive. We give priority to dialogue with our stakeholders as well as with our employees, customers and partners. As close as possible to where people live, we contribute to the energy transition while purchasing, investing and hiring locally. Finally, we are developing responsible digital solutions for the benefit of the local communities.

Favor exchanges with our stakeholders

We establish systematic dialogue practices for each new project to better take into account the expectations of the regions and their inhabitants.

Each time, we identify the stakeholders and initiate consultation with them as early as possible. We gather their opinions and inform them in a clear and transparent manner throughout the project. Finally, we set up a system for handling proposals and/or complaints.

Improve the attractiveness of the territories

Because we operate in the heart of the territories, our technical innovations support the development of our clients and partners. They benefit all the inhabitants.

By connecting our customers to local, sustainable and less expensive energy sources, we also promote the local energy transition.

Dalkia's jobs are non relocatable and sustainable. Thus, we recruit profiles with specific expertise, as close as possible to our customers' facilities. We also integrate a large number of subcontractors and partners on site. Finally, we give priority to local resources for our purchases and pursue a policy of local investment.

As a partner of Pôle Emploi and the various players in the field of integration, we are recruiting more and more people who are far from employment and training them in the energy services sector.

Bringing responsible digital practices to life

Because the rise of digital technology raises significant questions about both its carbon footprint and its contribution to inclusion, we are working to ensure that our technology solutions are for the first benefit of territories.

We are committed to a digital transformation that reduces our carbon footprint, as well as that of our clients (billing, platforms, consulting). For example, more than 50% of our website hosting is done with renewable energy. We use only 2 servers and limit the volume of backups. We avoid using servers between 10pm and 8am.
Our online customer web portal bring us closer to each other, while our technicians exchange with the facilities and customer sites via their smartphones.
Increasingly driven by digital technology, our infrastructures are of course monitored at all times.

In an approach that is both innovative and inclusive, we are developing access to our data (open data) while preserving the security of our customers' information.

In March 2021, EDF was awarded a Responsible Digital label, which testifies to EDF SA's commitment to responsible digital. Dalkia will also be awarded this label in 2022.

Some performance indicators

Number of direct and indirect jobs in France

We recruit as close as possible to the local area. But our action also generates many jobs with our partners and subcontractors.

In 2017, the number of direct, indirect and induced jobs was 50,508.

Share of local purchases (excluding energy)

Excluding energy, we buy a lot of materials and services locally.

In 2020, the rate of local purchases is 70%.

Rate of remote control of our customers' sites

We are increasingly deploying smart energy solutions that enable us to remotely control our facilities.

By 2020, 65% of our customers' sites will be connected to the Desc (Dalkia Energy Savings Center), our digital "control tower.

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