Our key figures

Learn more about our company in figures: its commitments, performance and impact, with our key figures.

Our business in figures

Figures as of 31 december 2023


heating and cooling networks in operation, with a total length of more than 3,000 km

2 million

collective housing units heated in France


healthcare institutions are served by our energy services


of our clients' industrial production sites and workshops trust us


commercial and service establishments are operated by our teams


energy facilities are managed by Dalkia and its subsidiaries in France and abroad

Our teams

+ 20,000

employees working for the energy of today and tomorrow

2 200

new hires in France each year

+ 1,100

More than 1,100 students take part in work-study programmes at Dalkia every year, and nearly one-third are hired in our company at the end of their work-study period

45 %

of the training hours provided to employees are dedicated to health and safety

4.3 %

the frequency rate of work-related accidents at Group level


health and safety sessions are organized each year within Dalkia

Our impact

6.2 TWh

of energy savings achieved by our customers in 2021 thanks to our actions

4.3 Mt

of CO2 emissions avoided in 2023 thanks to our actions, the equivalent of taking more than 2 million cars off the road

+ 50,500

direct and indirect jobs created in France

100 %

electric vehicles in our fleet by 2030

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