Dalkia gets mobilised to promote energy sufficiency

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Dalkia plays its part in the national drive for energy sufficiency. Dalkia aims at a 15% reduction in its own annual energy consumption within its French premises and helps its customers and partners implementing their own energy efficiency plans!

Background to energy sufficiency

In a situation marked by the acceleration of climate change and the conflict in Ukraine, France's energy transition is more a priority than ever.

With the "energy sufficiency" plan, public authorities have set an ambitious roadmap: reduce energy consumption by 10% over the next two years compared to 2019, and by 40% by 2050. This is a shared challenge for businesses and individuals alike.

-10 %

Target for reducing French energy consumption by 2024

-15 %

Our internal goal is to reduce energy consumption in Dalkia's French offices by 15% 

Energy sufficiency, our expertise since 1937

As an expert in energy efficiency for more than 85 years, in particular through its Energy Performance Contracts (EPC), Dalkia is committed to helping its customers and employees achieve energy sufficiency, which means appropriate and responsible energy consumption, even during times of tension on the French electricity system. Dalkia is also a signatory of the "Ecowatt" commitment charter sponsored by the electricity system operator RTE. Thus, Dalkia encourages its customers and employees to adopt "eco-gestures" during peak consumption hours between 8 am and 1 pm and 6 pm and 8 pm.

Energy sufficiency plan: how can we take concrete action along with our customers?

For its French customers, Dalkia recommends reducing heating temperatures. We therefore ask them to share their expectations for each of their contracts.

In order to further limit consumption, we recommend: 

  • limiting heating to a temperature of 19°C
  • delaying the actual start-up date of the heating installations as much as possible - every day saved, saves energy
  • optimising heating schedules in consultation with the relevant operator
  • promoting eco-gestures among users/occupants, so that they adopt green, energy-saving behaviours. To this end, we provide awareness-raising materials on eco-actions for occupants/users
  • signing up for RTE's "Ecowatt" alert system, which provides real-time information on the current state of the electricity system and allows you to adapt your usage to avoid the risk of power cuts at peak consumption times (8 am to 1 pm and 6 pm to 8 pm).

We remind you that the start-up request for customers based in France must be made through the Customer Space, which is the best place to go to ensure a start-up at the best time. For any questions about energy efficiency, you can use the contact form on our website. 

This energy crisis has made us all aware of the urgent need to fight climate change. At Dalkia, this is at our core of our business, and it is our responsibility to be committed and to support our customers in their efforts to achieve appropriate and responsible energy savings! This commitment is at the heart of our new Cap 2026 corporate project: decarbonisation, performance and engagement.

Sylvie Jehanno. Présidente-Directrice Générale de Dalkia

Sylvie Jehanno,

Dalkia Group CEO

Energy sufficiency plan: mobilising our employees

Dalkia must be exemplary in its own consumption practices and set an example to others.

We have therefore decided to implement an ambitious internal energy sufficiency plan, and as part of this, we are going to undertake a range of actions:

  • Encourage employees to follow the alerts issued by RTE,
  • Provide our employees with practical advice on how to adopt the right behaviours to reduce our gas and electricity consumption at work and at home,
  • At the same time, undertake various actions within our French buildings to reduce the consumption of our own installations as much as possible: Heating in winter - 19°C maximum and stop earlier in the evening; Air conditioning in summer: from 26°C only,
  • Bring together employees in some areas on low-traffic days (high remote) to avoid heating unoccupied spaces,
  • Act on the lighting of the premises: extinguishing the lights of the premises outside working hours and when unoccupied; Halting of illuminated signs at Dalkia Headquarters in La Défense and in the regions,
  • We will also focus on eco-driving and digital sufficiency through "E-cleaning" challenges,
  • Delay in electric vehicle charging outside consumption peaks
  • Awareness of eco-driving and reducing speed when possible
  • Electrification of 100% of the Dalkia vehicle fleet in France by 2030 and installation of electric charging stations on the sites
  • In order to support this reduction effort, an "energy sufficiency coordinator" has been appointed in each regional department and specialist subsidiary.

With the help of all these measures, our goal is to reduce energy consumption in Dalkia's French premises by 15%.

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