Our multi-technical performance solutions

Why not consume less and better... by doing better with less? By adapting services to meet your needs, we meet your economic challenges: we combine comfort, continuity of service and rational use of energy. Discover our multi-technical performance offer!

Multi-technical technician holding an air vent on the roof of a parisian building

The idea is to do better with less!

Multi-technical maintenance is essential to ensure the reliability, durability and value of your facilities in order to reduce your operating costs and make real energy savings. But this maintenance must be adapted to your needs! We offer you a range of integrated services, which we customize with you.

With the right sizing for your services and facilities, you reduce your energy bill and ensure the comfort of your occupants, without disrupting service continuity. Our teams are made up of professionals with the key skills to meet your requirements in all circumstances.

The benefits: an innovative and reactive strategy to improve your performance

Targeted solutions

We define together a complete range of services to meet all your expectations, from the most common to the most complex (service management, multi-technical, energy management...).

Leading-edge expertise

In order to increase delivery performance, our solutions integrate proven industrial innovations in our operational centers. As experts in climate, mechanical and electrical engineering, and familiar with more or less…

Committed teams

Close to you, agile and responsive, we are at your side, at every stage and for the entire duration of the contract. Our teams are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They mobilize to achieve results while adapting…

What we offer

For local authorities, industry, healthcare, housing and the commercial sector, our technical and organizational solutions contribute to the competitiveness, flexibility and attractiveness of your sites and facilities. Let's move forward together towards more sustainable performance!

A single point of contact for all your services

Reliability of your multi-technical equipment, enhancement of your assets, management of energy services for a perfect control of your costs. Audit, control and preventive maintenance. Raising awareness of personnel and…

From design to operation of buildings

Optimization of overall building operating costs by integrating operational, energy and environmental performance drivers. Project management assistance for the design and refurbishment of buildings, monitoring and…

Consume less and less energy!

With our multi-technical performance offer, we provide technical operation of buildings by guaranteeing energy savings on air conditioning, ventilation, heating and lighting. To go further, we help you obtain any…


Our priority is to preserve our tenants’ purchasing power while maintaining their comfort. Therefore, the challenge is to control heating and hot water cost by ensuring that optimal use is made of the installations and…

Philippe Rémignon,

President of Vilogia's board directorate

DigiHeat’s digital boiler, designed on partnership with Tresorio’s french start-up, is an innovation at the heart of the energy and digital revolution. It draws Dalkia’s know-how in the field of heat recovery, to…

Jerome Aguesse,

Director of Dalkia "Region Centre Est"

Infographie multitechnique
Infographie multitechnique
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