The DESC, 7 Dalkia control towers located in regional areas

Seven Dalkia Energy Savings Centers (DESC) are located in the heart of the country to analyze in real time the data transmitted by the facilities or equipment installed by Dalkia on your sites: public buildings, housing, offices, industrial plants, shopping centers, etc. Our employees, trained in the methods and tools developed by these centers, can monitor the energy performance of your facilities remotely and at any time!

Intelligent energy steering system for public commercial, industrial, health and residential buildings
Two technicians analysing Dalkia energy audit data with Dalkia DESC

DESCs are real control towers for sites equipped by Dalkia, combining human intelligence and digital performance. Its analysts are in constant contact with our employees close to the facilities, for greater responsiveness and efficiency in their interventions. Numerous sensors (IoT connected objects) and meters are integrated into buildings, equipment and energy facilities. They transmit large amounts of data to DESC, which retrieves and analyzes them and acts in case of malfunction. DESC also studies consumption over time to propose improvement plans, if necessary


The number of facilities monitored through DESCs

50 million

The number of data collected each day

40 %

Up to 40% energy savings, without work

The benefits

A systematic analysis of our customers' sites

DESC systematically monitors the performance of all the sites for which Dalkia provides energy management in order to guarantee optimized management of the facilities.

Detailed data analysis to save energy

Thanks to these tools, any discrepancies are identified and corrected by our experts either remotely or via an intervention in the field. If detected earlier, malfunctions are repaired more quickly! For manufacturers,…

No geographical limits

Whether your sites are located in France or abroad, in a single location or spread out, Dalkia Analytics centralizes data and remotely controls your energy efficiency.

Our expertise


regional offices, one in each of Dalkia's regions


items connected to DESC (sensors, meters, etc.)


energy performance actions carried out since 2013

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