The sustainable heating network of the city of Maubeuge


The challenge

How to reduce the use of fossil fuels and limit CO2 emissions while reducing energy poverty in the area? The objective of the city of Maubeuge is clear: to open to a large number of public and private users of the municipality the opportunity to heat in a sustainable way without reducing their purchasing power. Our challenge: to provide our client with a solution that is as sustainable as it is efficient!

The solution

We based our project on a simple idea: to recover the waste heat from the existing waste-to-energy center and use it to supply a district heating and hot water network. In addition to the interconnection with the waste-to-energy plant, the project includes the construction of a 20 MW gas-fired boiler room and a distribution network of almost 13 kilometers, crossing the city from east to west. The boiler room produces 48.8 GWh per year and meets the needs of approximately 5,000 homes. With a reduced VAT rate, the energy produced from heat recovery is among the most competitive. An economical and virtuous solution, which allows the city of Maubeuge to take a big step towards the energy transition of its territory!

The benefits

  • The network helps fight fuel poverty, with an average reduction of 15% in subscribers' energy bills.
  • Thanks to its connection to the energy performance control center (Desc), this network offers smart and sustainable energy management that brings Maubeuge into the smart city concept.

Under a public service delegation agreement, Dalkia is creating one of the most efficient district heating networks in France. The completion of this major project will result in substantial savings for the community and the residents connected to it. It is a founding act for the future of Maubeuge.

Portrait of Arnaud Decagny mayor of Maubeuge

Arnaud Decagny,

Mayor of Maubeuge

The project in figures

10,100 tons

CO2 emissions avoided each year, the equivalent of taking 5,000 cars off the road

13 km

The length of the distribution network

83 %

The share of RE&R in the network supply

20 MW

The power of the gas-fired boiler room

Key dates

  1. June 2018

    Launch of the studies.

  2. September 2019

    Start of work on the gas boiler plant and the CVE.

  3. July 2020

    Commissioning of the gas heating plant and the CVE.

  4. July 2022

    Completion of work on the distribution network.

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