Industry 4.0: on the way to the future!

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Industry 4.0 - or connected industry - represents the future of the sector. The principle? It integrates new digital technologies into manufacturing processes and the optimization of energy consumption. More flexible, more responsive, greener... Industry 4.0 uses digital technology as a springboard to increase its performance. Welcome to the 4th industrial revolution!

When connected industry means competitiveness

The smart factory or industry 4.0 increases its performance thanks to new technologies. In practice, digital technology is used to optimize the operation of facilities and the energy performance of your industrial sites. Our experts will support you in this transformation on two levels:

  • operational excellence: thanks to digital technology, the work of technicians is optimized, secured and, above all, gains in quality and agility. Data traceability is a valuable asset to provide you with a more detailed knowledge of the facilities and enable you to maximize their operation.
  • energy performance: with smart energy management, your data is enhanced and your facilities are more efficient, more virtuous. The entire industrial process is optimized: industry 4.0 is turning the future green!

Industry 4.0: how to use

It is an industry that relies on connected items to collect and process all the useful data of your activity. At Dalkia, we offer connected sensors and thermostats that monitor your equipment in terms of usage, needs and consumption in real time. The data collected feeds modeling and artificial intelligence systems that improve the energy behavior of your facilities. We no longer speak of big data but of smart data, because it is a question of "capturing the right data" to transform it into added value! To help your teams in their work, we have also developed mobile applications that allow you to monitor and act on your facilities remotely.

Why does it matter?

After mechanization, industrialization and automation, the connected industry represents the 4th industrial revolution.

Nowadays, environmental and societal issues are such that industry must rethink itself in order to be more competitive, better integrated in the territories and optimized on the environmental level. Industry 4.0 is not only smarter but also greener. At Dalkia, we support you in this digital and ecological transition with innovative and connected solutions! Our experts help you make energy efficiency a lever to reduce your production costs and greenhouse gas emissions. We can also help you use local renewable energies (biomass, biogas, solid recovered fuels, waste, etc.) to green the energy mix of your industrial facilities. With us, even waste heat can be recovered to supply, for example, urban heating networks!

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