Our solutions for the commercial sector

Developers, owners, investors, managers: do you want to optimize the energy and environmental performance of your commercial buildings? We can provide multi-service and multi-technical support, energy management, smart monitoring of facilities, air quality improvement, etc. Let us take care of your energy transition and focus on your core business. Dalkia will take care of the rest!

A technician walking to carry out energy efficiency management in commercial buildings

Your energy issues

Optimizing the performance of your buildings

The energy efficiency and environmental performance of your commercial buildings are top priorities. Heating, ventilation, air conditioning and lighting account for 80% of energy consumption! That's why our solutions…

Enhancing the value of your assets

You want reliable equipment for a high level of service, but you also expect us to advise you on possible improvements in the operation and maintenance of your technical equipment? Our teams can handle all technical…

Controlling your budget

Are you aiming for the best rental and financial profitability while guaranteeing maximum comfort for your occupants? Our energy managers propose the most appropriate energy efficiency actions while maintaining a high…

Our services

Ensuring the energy efficiency of all your buildings is our objective: together, let's build an action plan adapted to your needs!

The energy consumption reduction targets depend on the current situation of your buildings and are set by law for some countries (in France: - 40% by 2030; - 50% by 2040; - 60% by 2050). We support you in the implementation of these obligations and in the design and implementation of your energy performance actions.

With us, you can quickly obtain real results thanks to the energy performance contract (EPC), a tailor-made offer for energy efficiency and greening of your facilities to move towards a low-carbon building. Our experts carry out a complete energy audit of your facilities, in order to propose improvement actions that match your ambitions.

And that's not all! As part of our multi-technical contract, our experts manage and optimize the operation and maintenance of your facilities, using the Internet of Things (IoT) to develop predictive maintenance.

In order to guarantee the comfort and safety of your occupants, our multiservice offer includes the management of your various services: reception, catering, security, video surveillance... And because indoor air quality (IAQ) is essential for health and well-being, we offer a dedicated service: analysis of your ventilation systems, measurement of air pollutants, connected sensors, etc.


commercial and service sector establishments managed by Dalkia

More performance and energy efficiency

At Dalkia, we are committed to working with you to improve the energy and environmental performance of your commercial buildings.

Our experts support you through:

Energy management and monitoring

  • Energy purchasing and management
  • Maintenance and upkeep of large equipment
  • Energy performance management
  • Energy retrofit works
  • Search for financing and subsidies

Multi-technical operation and maintenance 

  • Climate and electrical engineering
  • Predictive maintenance with IoT
  • Troubleshooting and corrective maintenance
  • Customer service available 24 hours a day
  • Optimization of indoor air quality

Multiservices (facility management)

  • Occupants: reception, switchboard, mail, catering...
  • Security: security, video surveillance, fire safety...
  • Environment: cleanliness, waste removal, management of green spaces...

Our experience


We are delighted by Dalkia Froid Solutions since 2017 and I was convinced by their proposal showing a real commitment on results, based on cold provision with a guaranteed price. We have a perfect control of our store’s…

Isabelle Relier,

Super U "Vic-le-Comte" Partner

For nearly two years now, we have been working together. I wanted to say a big congratulations to the entire Compiegne Dalkia Froid Solutions’s team, which supports us on a daily basis in order to satisfy our customers …

Kamel Namane,

Sushishop maintenance and heritage manager

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