Energy Performance Contract

With an energy performance contract, you can save energy in your buildings and accelerate your ecological transition. The EPC made in Dalkia generates savings that can exceed 40% and the results are contractually guaranteed! It also offers a number of advantages, such as financing, smart management and management of potential subsidies.

Three technicians of Dalkia in charge of complete successfully an energy performance contract

The idea: optimize all your consumption

The purpose of an energy performance contract is to optimize the energy consumption of a building, an industrial complex, a housing estate or a region, with guaranteed performance!
It is signed between a company or local authority and an energy services company like Dalkia. It commits Dalkia to a specific energy consumption result that is measured and verified over time.

To this end, it sets targets for reducing consumption and CO2 emissions. If these reductions are greater than the objectives, both parties share the benefits. If they are lower, Dalkia is fully liable to its customer for the penalties.

The EPC also defines the necessary investments for energy efficiency works, renewable energy facilities, services and/or maintenance.

50 %

possible savings on your water consumption and 30% on electricity

The advantages: maximum serenity and customization

Our services

We operate across the entire energy value chain: energy efficiency work, energy purchasing and management, equipment operation and maintenance.

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Our experiences


We are proud to support Courbevoie in the decrease of its carbon footprint thanks to this energy performance contract. Our teams have been able to propose concrete, pertinent and innovative technical solutions, adapted…

Benoit Guiblin,

Director of Dalkia Ile-de-France

This energy performance contract is a part of a broader ambition around the environment and the energy transition, because this project meets the UN’s sustainable development goals during this mandate. It will…

Josiane Lei,

Mayor of Evian

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