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Do you want to accelerate the ecological transition of your region? At Dalkia, our experts work with local authorities to optimize their energy performance. How can we do that? Thanks to local, innovative and job-creating energy efficiency solutions. Whether you are a municipality with 5,000 inhabitants or a metropolis, we can help make your region greener and more attractive!

Entrance of a city hall to represent energetic performance solutions for local authorities

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With Dalkia, the energy efficiency of local authorities buildings is becoming a reality. It requires innovative, concrete, and measurable solutions tailored to the specific challenges of each region. Among these solutions? The energy efficiency contract, which can be adapted to your objectives and constraints, and which offers you a guarantee of results. Our experts analyze the specific characteristics of each establishment and advise you on the most appropriate energy efficiency strategy. If you opt for district heating, we offer you a smart, local and competitive installation: the district heating network! Our experts ensure a successful transition to a green heating and/or cooling system. The district heating network allows you to develop a local energy strategy, with the added bonus of creating local jobs. It can be powered partly by renewable and recovered energy sources, such as geothermal energy, which captures the underground hot water to produce heat or electricity.


public buildings optimised and operated by Dalkia

Enhanced energy efficiency and performance

We offer you a tailored solution that adapts to your objectives and resources. You choose from among our solutions those that seem most relevant to your local.


  • Energy audit and proposal of improvement actions
  • Analysis of available financial aid
  • Choice of the best energy mix

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For Bagneux, geothermal energy responds to a double challenge : ecological and social. With this energy, we have found a way to contribute, at our scale, to meet the climate change by opting for a solution that emits no…

Portrait of Marie-Hélène Amiable mayor of Bagneux

Marie_Helene Amiable,

Mayor of Bagneux, Departmental advisor of Hauts-de-Seine

We are proud to lead this project with our partners. This is a demanding and highly virtuous project that will allow to reduce the use of fossil fuels and contribute directly and significantly to the country’s energy…

Portrait of Thomas Battaglione SMEG administrator general manager

Thomas Battaglione,

SMEG administrator general manager

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Energy Performance Contract

With an energy performance contract, you can save energy in your buildings and accelerate your ecological transition...

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